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T learn what it is to be human to exist among people and to live beyond simple survivalAs this wild and naive child attempts to join civilization he encounters earthuakes and car crashes ogres and artists and eventually all encompassing love and an inescapable war His adventures take him around the world and through history on a mesmerizing journey rich with unforgettable characters A hamlet of farmers fears he’s a werewolf but eventually raise him as one of their own A circus. This review is for the English Edition published by Restless Books and translated by Emma Ramadan and Tom RobergeI stumbled upon this book at a book fair in Brooklyn and it grabbed my attention because it is a beautiful book the book itself is published on thick rough edged paper that feels so good to have in my hands a real throw back to when publishers made an effort The story is interesting a mute feral child leaves the woods and discovers the world or at least France Every new sight is a revelation described in stunning language Meeting people forces the boy to rely on his innate skills and he learns from every experience The journey forces him to adapt to th

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Le Garçon

Winner of the prestigious Prix Femina The Boy is an expansive and entrancing historical novel that follows a nearly feral child from the French countryside as he joins society and plunges into the torrid events of the first half of the 20th centuryThe boy does not speak The boy has no name The boy raised half wild in the forests of southern France sets out alone into the wilderness and the greater world beyond Without experience of another person aside from his mother the boy mus.

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Performer who toured the world as a sideshow introduces the boy to showmanship and sanitation And a chance encounter with an older woman exposes him to music and the sensuous pleasures of life The boy becomes a guide whose innocence exposes society’s wonder brutality absurdity and magicBeginning in 1908 and spanning three decades The Boy is as an emotionally and historically rich exploration of family passion and war from one of France’s most acclaimed and bestselling authors. Je ne saurais jamais si tous ceux ui me disaient comment ce livre tait extraordinaire avaient raison J ai lutt contre 78 premi res pages elles ont gagn j abandonne Et je n aurai jamais oplus le courage de recommencer d sol e j ai d j donn norm ment de mon temps

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    Το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο φωτίζει με το θεραπευτικό λυχνάρι της ενδοσκόπησης μια κρυφή γωνιά στα έγκατα της ύπαρξης εκεί που κοιμάται η αποκάλυψη της ανακάλυψης να είσαι μ

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    Malgré ce ue certains d'entre vous pourraient croire affirmait le médecin major la guerre représente le plus haut degré de la civilisationui l'a créée? disait le médecin C'est l'homme ui la pratiue? L'homme Et lui seul La guerre messieu

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    Ce roman est bouleversant très émouvant il m'a arraché de gros sanglots et autres larmes plus contenues Il s'agit du deuxième ouvrage de Marcus Malte ue je lis et il me surprend à chaue fois Il met de la poésie dans tout ce u'il écrit Sans pour autant passer à côté de moment plus crus ou violent C'es

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    Pas totalement convaincue De très belles pages et d'autres ui m'ont lassées

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    Ένα βιβλίο τοσο καλογραμμένο που αισθάνεσαι σαν θεατής σε καλογυρισμενη ταινία

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    This review is for the English Edition published by Restless Books and translated by Emma Ramadan and Tom RobergeI stumbled upon this book at a

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    “Le Garçon” a very uniue and interesting novel Reading it I felt almost as if I were reading a fable The book follows the life of a very atypical boy In childhood he was brought up isolated from the rest of the world and as such grew up apart from Western civilization never learning to speak or readEarly on in the novel however the boy is forced to go out into the world and from 1905 1938 we follow him

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    Το θετικό με το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο είναι ότι έχει πολύ μικρά κεφάλαια και αυτ

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    Je ne saurais jamais si tous ceux ui me disaient comment ce livre était extraordinaire avaient raison J'ai lutté contre 78 premières pages elles ont gagné j'abandonne Et je n'aurai jamais oplus le courage de recommencer désolée j'ai déjà donné énormément de mon temps

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