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Hunted Killed SurvivedAs the last Healer in the Fifteen Realms Avry of Kazan is in a uniue position in the minds of her friends and foes alike she no longer exists Despite her need to prevent the megalomanical King Tohon from winning control of the Realms Avry is also determined to find. What Why Maria V Snyder How could youI had the opportunity to read the ARC of Touch of Power over a year ago and absolutely loved it Avry Kerrick Belen Flea and the monkeys had such great chemistry and their adventures really sucked me in Although I would have to say I loved the first book way but worry not because this one far from disappointsFirst of all I really liked how Snyder found a way to continue the concepts from the first book The gang has to find a way to stop Tohon before he brings war to the 15 Realms In the meantime they have to warn everyone about the unusual army and figure out the secrets of the Peace and Death Lilies as well as any possible connection tying them togetherThe other thing is usually when a character goes through so much they tend to change in the second book as they either become depressed or really angry I liked that Avry continued to be the character that I loved so much in book 1 She was so selfless no matter friend or foe She was brave and determined and she had that spark that made her so admirableHOWEVEROne of the reasons why I thought the first book was so great is because of the supporting characters In this one they kind of had their own roles and even though it s all part of the big plan and the camaraderie is still there this book lacked that interaction between the gang Don t get me wrong there are scenes where they are together and you do see that fondness they have for each other along with the great dialogue Along with that was that Avry and Kerrick had their own roles to play so this book doesn t have that tension and the constant bickering that intrigued me And there are new friends but it s just not the same And my favorite character was hardly in the book The other thing is this book alternates between Avry s and Kerrick s point of view and as much as I love Kerrick I almost wished his part or maybe the majority of it was cut out for this book Now before all of you Kerrick fans start grabbing your pitchforks his POV was kind of a side story because they did not share the length as Avry s Also I kind of felt his adventures were kind of insignificant for lack of a better word at least in this book especially compared to Ryne s or other characters in this bookI m sure his scenes lead up to the next one but I almost felt as if Snyder used his POV because they had to be separated and TOP fans would be upset if Kerrick wasn t in it For me however it was frustrating because it kept interrupting the story especially because of the way she ended each chapter just about all of them were so climatic they were a mini cliffhanger It s like watching TV and they give you that surprising dum dum dum right before you cut to commercial break It was infuriating because I wanted to kno what happened next And by the time I got back to Avry s point of view some of that anticipation has kind of worn off so I just didn t feel as excited about it I don t think I would have missed much if he recounted his tale as other characters did or even make his story a novella or make them longer scenes and fewer parts that constantly interrupt Avry s storyAnd the end OMG Only this time there wasn t another chapter for me to find out Why oh whySigh I guess I ll just have to wait another year as Snyder has announced that Taste of Death the conclusion to this trilogy will be out December 2013 However the name does not sound to promising now does it

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Her sister and repair their estrangement And she must do it alone as Kerrick her partner and sole confident returns to Alga to summon his country into battleThough she should be in hiding Avry will do whatever she can to support Tohon’s opponents Including infiltrating a holy army evad. SpoilersI wasn t planning on reading this since I disliked the first book When I saw it at the library I decided to give the author another chance I m nice like that since I loved her Study trilogy so much I also reasoned that it couldn t possibly be as bad as the first book Thankfully it wasn t However it wasn t any better either So I guess that s something rightI had a lot of issues with this I think it s easiest if I just list them below in a disorganised and ranty way The writing and dialogue didn t suit the fantasy type setting it was too modern The slang speech and inner monologue took me right out of the story For example I missed a lot of cool stuff and we re screwed and Kill me now and ewww and swell and superWith writing like that I m hardly going to be thinking of magic fantasy kings kingdoms and swords No I m going to be thinking of high school malls and Gossip Girl The writing should reflect the setting of the book The characters called each other stupid nicknames like the monkeys Mom and poppa bear Belen aka poppa bear was meant to be a strong deadly soldier but every time someone would call him poppa bear I could no longer buy his role as a respected and formidable warrior No instead I just thought of him as a giant dumb cuddly bear The nicknames felt completely out of place Kerrick s POV was dull he made Avry s bland narration seem almost exciting For the majority of the book they were separated Usually I hate it when authors split the couple in the seuel but I didn t mind it this time around since Avry and Kerrick were even boring together than when they were apartAt times I felt like I was reading two different stories as Kerrick s POV rarely reflected or intertwined with Avry s I m guessing that Kerrick s journey to his own kingdom his capture and his time with the tribes will play a role in the final book but that doesn t change the fact that for the most part his POV felt out of place I noticed that Snyder attempted to redeem Kerrick s abusive behaviour towards Avry by giving him a taste of his own medicine However his redemption didn t work on me Kerrick ends up beaten tied to a tree and starved was I meant to care I didn t Him being tortured didn t lessen or erase what he did to AvryI also felt that Tohon was only depicted as a rapey violent douche just so Kerrick could look good in comparison It was a bit like Ooh Kerrick beat Avry but it s okay he s a decent guy because he only did it because he was stressed and he was remorseful afterwards and when you compare him with the other love interest he s the best guy for her He s dreamy compared to Tohon who is an unapologetic sadistic fucker that kills kid Yea I m not buying it Kerrick should come across as a decent hero on his own merits and not because he seems good in comparison to someone elseI have no doubt in my mind that Kerrick would hit Avry again if he ever lost his temper Sure he made a vow not to hit anyone again but if he struck out at a defenseless girl before when he lost his temper then I hardly think him saying he won t do it again would stop him He didn t even seem all that passionate about his vow I really don t think that he felt remorse or regret for slapping and torturing Avry the most emotion he had in regard to his past treatment of her was a little bit of sheepishness He didn t redeem himself at all I had no respect for Avry AT ALL She was such an annoying martyr and I couldn t stand her She excuses Kerrick hitting her and mentions the fact that she managed to forgive him for it And the way it was written was as if it was the right thing to do to learn to forgive the man that slapped hurt and starved her That s right girls when a guy hits you you just need to get over it and not be a bitter hateful resentful bitch A good heroine girl forgives guys for beating and torturing them I remembered my own hatred when Kerrick had backhanded me Even after his apology and promise never to do it again I couldn t trust him It took time and courage to change my mind What utter bullshit and lies It didn t take time or fucking courage She was pissed at him for all of 5 seconds she trusted him or less straight away even though he d done nothing to earn her trust And since when has it been courageous to forgive and trust the guy that s beaten you Avry s forgiving ways irked me a great deal Her so called friends Ryne uain Flea and Loren abandoned her when war broke out They purposefully planned on leaving her on her own so they could be safe themselves they also left knowing that she would be captured by Tohon an evul bastard that they knew wanted to rape her They left her without a second thought when they were well aware of all the dangers she d have to face Did Avry feel mad No Did she feel betrayed No Did she feel angry or bitter No She was just slightly pissed at her friends for a couple of paragraphs and then she was totally cool about them fucking her over Because that s just the way she rolls Ugh Ryne pissed me off In the last book he was at death s door and Kerrick desperately searched for a healerAvry to save him Avry didn t want to heal Ryne because he was responsible for the execution of thousands of healers including her friends but Kerrick and co convinced her that they needed Ryne to defeat Tohon and his evil zombie army apparently no one else had the brains or skill to win a war against Tohon Avry gave her life for Ryne because he was going to save everyone Naturally I was expecting Ryne to wow me with his genius tactics since he was made out to be so vital to the war Kerrick s motto was that they couldn t possibly win without him So I was expecting to be blown away by this character that would use his superb skill and superior knowledge to best Tohon Is that what happened No Sure the characters were all saying that the strategies Ryne was coming up were brilliant but nothing he said or did struck me as particularly intelligent or inspired Where was the so called military genius After all the drama about Ryne the speshul snowflake in Touch of Magic I thought I d actually get to read about his super speshul snowflake abilities Instead he came across as mediocre and easily replaceable everything he did was meh than genius His genius ideas to win the war were as follows Team up with another army Estrid s so they would have a chance at beating Tohon Yea that was just common sense not genius Take his own soldiers and leave Estrid s to fight so he could run away and hide from Tohon s army That wasn t genius it was cowardly and disgusting Fight Tohon s army by ordering small groups of soldiers to sneakily attack some of Tohon s men Again anyone could have thought of that it wasn t a brilliant or brave move Safely hide in a cave whilst his soldiers do all the work What exactly was genius about any of thatIt s not enough to just be told someone is a genius I need a character to display it in some form or another I need to be shown it through characters actions decisions and choices And Ryne didn t which just makes the driving force behind the first book Avry giving up her life to save Ryne so he could save everyone else a joke uain was a dick The way he acted towards Avry when he found out she was alive was vile He was pissed at her for pretending she was dead That was fine but he stayed angry at her for ages and ages even when she apologised and explained her reasonings She only hid the truth to protect herself and make sure she didn t end up with a sadistic rapist uain had no right to act like such a bitch and throw such a hissy fit He should have just been glad she was alive but no he wanted to lord her one lie over her for as long as possible because he was a dickI hate that heroines can t ever be anything other than 100% honest otherwise they are evul lying whores yet heroes can lie and it s perfectly okay because they have reasons but no reason is valid enough for a heroine to lie Heroines must always be punished for lying And the funny thing was that after he made a huge song and dance about Avry lying he went ahead and did much worse He hid Ryne s plan to hide from Tohon s army and then abandoned her in a middle of a war when he knew that Tohon would get her and act rapey towards her Avry lying and hiding from uain and co didn t put his life in danger whereas uain s deception not only put her life in danger but also put her at risk of being raped by a sadistic fucker Is Avry mad at uain s betrayal Not really She was a bit bitter for a few minutes and then she forgave him you see he had reasons and heroines should understand those reasons and just forgive The moral of the story is that a good decent girl should understand that guys have legitimate reasons for lying and they should forgive and forget accordingly they cannot be angry bitter or upset They should also realise that they themselves have NO excuse or reason to lie Whereas a guy can lie because of course he has reasons and he can also be bitter and pissed for long periods of time if he should discover that a girl has ever lied to him Ugh I m so sick of the double standards in books Avry only seemed to care about the guys in her life Even her sister didn t come across as all that important to her It was all about Kerrick Belen Flea Ryne and the other men in her life Heaven forbid she actually have a close friendship with a female character She did make a couple of female friends but I didn t think they counted since 1 She wasn t particularly close to them 2 They were barely in it and 3 One of them ended up dead and the other ended up evilAvry should have had at the very least one prominent female character that she was close to Too many cliched characters the boring overly forgiving Mary Sue heroine the emo hero the evul ex girlfriend the one dimensional villain who wants to rule the kingdom just because he s evul There were no original or complex characters they were all rubbish What was the point of the cliffhanger Its obvious Kerrick s not going to die He ll probably be saved by some stupid deus ex machina Then he ll declare his wuv to Avry even though he s never actually shown it before and then they ll run off into the sunset together and Kerrick will beat Avry everyday and she ll love all that sweet sweet abusive love UghAll in all a huge disappointment

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Ing magic sniffers teaching forest skills to soldiers and figuring out how to stop Tohon’s most horrible creations yet; an army of the walking dead human and animal alike and nearly impossible to defeatWar is coming and Avry is alone Unless she figures out how to do the impossible agai. Review Once again I was swept into the world of Avry Kerrick and the rest of the characters as they experience love loss and many adventures I almost wish I had waited to read this second book of the Healer trilogy until the third book was out just because of the way this book ended Scent of Magic starts off with Avry and Kerrick going their separate ways in hopes of being able to get a bigger army together to go up against Tohon and his army AT first I was worried this meant way less Kerrick but actually instead of just seeing Avry s point of view we also get to see Kerrick s which was really nice Even though we still got a lot of Kerrick throughout the book I found myself wishing for Kerrick and Avry together I just love them as a couple There were a few losses some bigger than others while another one actually got brought back which I wasn t expecting at all I love how instead of having so much detail that it takes half the book to explain stuff Maria V Snyder just gets right into the action and adventure right away and I really love that especially with this Healer trilogy When I got near the end I was SO happy about Kerrick and Avry until the VERY LAST FREAKING PAGE I seriously wanted to cry REALLY THAT S IT Total freakin cliff hanger ending and now I have to wait until 2014 to find out what happens There is just not enough words to explain how amazing this book was It was definitely just as good as the first book but that s about all I can say without giving anyway way it s just one you HAVE to read if you ve read Touch of Power When the book first had a cover and descriptionOOOMMMGGGG I sssooo can t wait to read this I LOVED Touch of Power it was freaking amazing one of my top most favourite books I have NO doubt this book will be just as freakin amazing I might die of excitement when I get this book in my hands This is my review in images to better explain how I feltWhen I started reading it When I found out Kerrick was still in the story The ending of the book when I read the very last pagethen

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    Please excuse me while I go and cry in a corner about having to wait so long for this book Those who loved the first should totally understan

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    What?? Why?? Maria V Snyder How could you??I had the opportunity to read the ARC of Touch of Power over a year ago and absolutely loved it Avry Kerrick Belen Flea and the monkeys had such great chemistry and their adventures really sucked me in Although I would have to say I loved the first book way but worry not because this one far from disappointsFirst of all I really liked how Snyder found a way to continue the con

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    OMG THERES A SECOND ONE?healer #2 click scrolls down Expected publication 2013 what the — UPDATEPhew It's been changed to December 2012 But still WHY CAN'T THE BOOK BE ALREADY PUBLISHED

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    Update 1221 Check out my interview with Maria V Snyder where she takes my uestions about Scent of Magic on my blogI'm disappointed really disappointed I've heard of Maria Snyder's seuel 'curse' but I've never experienced it firsthand having never read any of her seuels Though that's probably a good thing because from what I can tell Scent of Magic is Magic Study all over again a letdown that wastes much of the promise of the first bookI ha

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    SpoilersI wasn't planning on reading this since I disliked the first book When I saw it at the library I decided to give the author another chance I'm nice like that since I loved her Study trilogy so much I also

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Can't beat book one⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ This review is purely for me and might contain spoilers and facts from the book to keep myself in the known at all time It's also long and somewhat detailed Re read 07062018 We're back with Avry of Kazan 21 who is a healer; she absorbs their wounds and diseases into herself by laying hands upon the injured and dying She and Kerrick split up to do differe

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    Review Once again I was swept into the world of Avry Kerrick and the rest of the characters as they experience lov

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    Saw the coverwas like thisSaw the publication datewas like this Also does this mean no Kerrick?? Noooooo

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    On The Bookshelves Full Review Scent of Magic is the second book in the Healer series by Maria V Snyder and it was a fantastic read Second book slump? Not for this book as it was eually as entrancing as the first In the first novel Touch of Power we meet Avry of Kazan who possesses the ability to heal well like transfer the injuries to herself and then heal uickly than others However after a plague tore through the land the healers were

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    AhKerryYou've found your heart And I lost mine with that endingI get itlife isn't fairnot even in booksBut I suppose that's what makes them realisticif there is no pain and agony they don't resemble realityStillAvry and Kerrick had their fair s