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R Sarah Kendall's first meeting with hospital manager Paul Henderson was not auspicious but the result of their fracas was a happy one for Sarah's small patient and in her relief she was willing to have dinner with him To her astonishment it was love at first sight for both off them until she found that Paul had an eight year old son Daniel Surely he was married Sarah almost gave Paul up until he explained and proposed Sarah joyfully accepted ready to love Daniel too sure they'd be a happy family but Daniel had other idea.

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Doctors Down Under Mills Boon By Reuest

The Baby Affair by Marion LennoxDr Jock Blaxton was a wonderful obstetrician and adored each baby he delivered but something stopped him having his own for he dated no woman than twice Until Dr Tina Rafter arrived to care for her sister's children and became casualty officer at Gundowring Hospital When she fell in love with Jock she had a serious task on her hands Having his baby wasn't a disaster for her but what about him Unruly Heart by Meredith WebberAfter an unhappy incident as a teenager Melanie Ashcroft had settled.

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To train as a nurse But she did love to travel so the job at Universaid based in Brisbane seemed an ideal combination of the twountil she discovered that he boss would be Dr Peter Wade the man who had seen her at her worst all those years agoHe clearly hadn’t forgotten Melanie and his attitude suggested that he would have difficulty in trusting her professional judgment so why when Peter had long been married to Cynthia did Melanie feel he might have than a professional interest in her Mum's the Word by Alison RobertsD.

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