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What happens when a church chooses to subdivide instead of getting bigger In 1976 the Church of the Saviour in Washington DC did just that Stalking the Spirit is the story of Seekers Church a second generation Church of the Saviour community known for its creative worship open pulpit shared leadership strong matrix of mission groups and generous giving Seekers Church inherited a tradition of intentional spiritual life the inward journey to support ministry in daily life the outward journey All members understand themselves to be called and euipped for ministry As a model for other emerging churches within or outside of traditional structures Stalking the Spirit tells the story of Seekers Church whose members sought the Spirit's guidance again and again for the next steps both individually and as a community Marjory Zoet Bankson provides an insightful moving story of how the Seekers Church continues the rich legacy of the Church of the Saviour This well runs deep No experience of the church has influenced me deeply than the Church of the Saviour and Bankson demonstrates how its principles can be translated into other emerging models She's written a superb case study and textbook for anyone seeking to shape a faithful Christian community Wesley Granberg Michaelson.

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Stalking the Spirit

Reformed Church in America New York NY Before anyone was talking about 'emerging church ' the small group of highly committed Christians who called themselves Seekers Church were experimenting with shared leadership an open pulpit and a radical understanding of the priesthood of all believers Bankson's evident passion to share what she and others have experienced in their collective 'pilgrim' journey will inspire and challenge anyone who is looking for a different way to do church Deborah Sokolove Wesley Theological Seminary Washington DC Marjory Zoet Bankson has not only chronicled the important story of Church of the Saviour but has provided an inspirational model for congregations struggling with how to be the church Stalking the Spirit outlines a comprehensive template for the inclusiveness of lay leadership the crucial need for intentionally committed participationinvestment and the essential balance of the inward and outward spiritual journey If even a fraction of current churches followed just a portion of Seekers' modus operandi the world could be transformed Tracy Radosevic Academy for Biblical Storytelling Indianapolis IN Rare is the opportunity to get an inside look at the challenges and discouragements of being community in this way to listen in on th.

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E conflicts as well as witness the faithful responses This story of one small laity led church striving to be an authentic expression of Christ's body in a local setting and not a mere replica of its founding prototype is sure to spark conversation for other churches who seek to be uniuely alive and relevant today Kayla McClurg Church of the Saviour Washington DC The story of the Seekers Community a lay led spirit guided church in Washington DC provides helpful history for other emerging congregations Shared leadership spiritual formation attention to ministry in daily life and its own gracious style make Seekers a service oriented church where all are welcome Marjorie Bankson tells the story she lives so well with verve Diann L Neu WATER The Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics and Ritual Silver Spring MD Marjory Zoet Bankson is a conference and retreat leader based out of Seekers Church in Washington DC Her books include The Soulwork of Clay A Hands on Approach to Spirituality 2008 and Creative Aging Rethinking Retirement and Non retirement in a Changing World 2010 She holds an honorary doctorate from Virginia Theological Seminary and has served as the president of FaithWork a national small group ministry and as the editor and publisher of FaithWork's magazine.

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    I attended this church for a while many years ago so I was interested to see what had happened in my absence I was fascinated by the story of the growth of the community which began before I arrived and continued long after I left and continues on todayThis is a story of people who are deeply committed to seeking out new ways to li

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