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Proof that he hasn't changed one bit REVIEWS “Fun and delightfulMelynda Beth Andrews' Once Upon a Christmas turns a chaotic house party into a warm romance A keeper” Robin Taylor RT Book Club Delightful stuff Elizabeth Bennefeld Patchwork Prose A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Dear Reader ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS is a Regency set historical romance It's novella length about 41000 words or about half of the length of one of my usual novels It is part of my REGENCY MATCHMAKER SERIES but it is a stand alone novel and can be read and enjoyed without reading the other books in the series My newsletter THE FURTHER ADVENTURES contains short stories featuring reader favorite characters from my past novels They're my gift to you All you have to do is tell me where to send them Just go to my website at wwwMelyndaAndrewscom Wishing you a very merry Christmas Melynd.

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Once Upon a Christmas

A lighthearted Christmas tale set during the time of Jane Austen about a widowed viscount with two mischievous little girls one runaway heiress in disguise an adorable baby elephant and one outrageous old matchmaker who knows everyone's business better than they do It's Regency romance at its best ONE CULTIVATES SCANDAL WHILE THE OTHER AVOIDS IT When Miss Emily Winthrop impulsive heiress and aspiring spinster flees London and the glittering Society engagement her parents have planned for her she is soon hungry and penniless But when the servants at Stend Park take pity on her she suddenly finds herself pressed into service as a makeshift governess A scandalous masuerade under an assumed name and gainful employment are just the thing to assure that no tonnish man will ever want to wed her  The notorious rakehell David Winter is up to his cravat in t.

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Rouble After his elder brother's death he's returned to the family's ancestral estate as the new Viscount but everything is in a shambles No staff no supplies and no money For the sake of his two young daughters he needs a hefty loan And for that he must convince Society that he had become responsible predictable and respectable A formal house party is just the thing to show them all that he has reformed if he can avoid the kissing boughs and his children's maddeningly attractive temporary governess   Unfortunately the adorable baby elephant Emily liberated from the cruelty of a traveling menagerie two nights ago is about to complicate matters for both of them If Emily can't keep the playful syllabub slurping flower waving menace hidden the Viscount will sack her and she'll be forced to return to London and Lord Winter's guests will have absolute.

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    Fun holiday storyFun story the elephant was an interesting twist It’s a uick read to lighten the Holiday and I enjoyed it