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Summary The Changing Politics of Education

S forms of evidence structural economic narrative and youth generated participatory research the authors reveal new structures and circuits of dispossession and privilege that amount to a clear failure of present policy Policymaking is at war with the interests of the vast majority of citizens and especi.

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The Changing Politics of Education

Ally with urban youth of color In the final chapter the authors explore democratic principles and offer examples essential to mobilizing in solidarity with educators youth communities labor and allied social movements the kind of power necessary to contest the present direction of public education reform.

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The authors persuasively argue that the present cascade of reforms to public education is a conseuence of a larger intention to shrink government The startling result is that of public education's assets and resources are moving to the private sector and to the prison industrial complex Drawing on variou.

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    Praise from Jonathan Kozol is what drew me to this current and well researched book The argument is convincing and compelling and the authors

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