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SUMMARY Three in a bed

Rson to stand up to her domineering boss and even less likely to go out on dates with sexually demanding strangersUntil one day she finds herself in a position where she has ver.


Three in a bed

Small pretty pleasant and a bit of a geek Paige is the perfect employee for Araminta Henderson the feisty owner of the Lifelong Dating AgencyShe’s certainly not the sort of pe.

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Y little choice but to acuiesce in the intimate and often peculiar reuests of the Lifelong Dating Agency’s clients; leading to Mrs Henderson having to show her who’s the bos.

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    Humorous and no holds barred really well written

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    Monica belle has a great flow to her writing just enough detail to keep you enthralled and a fast storyline to keep you completely hooked As well as she writes on a personal level as I found the main character Paige could have been any one of us she is really relatable and you can see how easily we can fall into

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    I'm usually a fan of full on erotica rather than erotic romance but I thoroughly enjoyed this book Right from the superb opening scene it manages to be sexy and funny at the same time while there's enough story to move it al