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“I don’t love you” The words had been like a knife through the heart the pain spreading to her lungs and ribboning around them so tightly that the simple act of breathing hurt But the fact of the matter was despite the ache in her chest Wisp could still breathe And if she wants any chance at all of navigating her new life as Sloane – the daughter o.

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Finding Wisp Finding Us #2

F a Washington senator who is engaged to some rich playboy she has never even met before – she would have to do her best to forget about Derek Forgetting is the one thing she seems to be good at after all And anyway the stubborn werebear who refuses to acknowledge his own feelings was Wisp’s problem She’s Sloane now And Sloane has her own issues Name.

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Ly Felix Rutherford the man who her father claims to be her “handler” Otherwise known as the man she had jumped off a cliff to get away from Of course it would probably help if she could remember why Or you know anything at all Or even if she could get through just one day without thinking of the man she is supposed to be wiping from her mind completel.

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    Amazingly amazedHow doesn’t Noelle Marie have recognition and fans of her work? Her stories and books continue to pull me in and am

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    Book review – Finding Wisp I am an independent reviewer This book is the 2nd in the Finding Us series and ends in an HEA for Derek and Wisp There are some unanswered uestions on the motivations of other characters WispSloane learns her backstory and identity This book tackles some tough issues mainly sex trafficking and torture Her “minder” is the creepiest character knowing no boundaries when it comes to Wisp As Wisp is abu

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    Love this book series but were is the 3rd book??

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