Patrick Jones { Ebook } Body Shot The Dojo #4

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    Meghan is training in MMA Mixed Martial Arts at her dojo She is one of the few girls in training and she is determined to be a champi

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    As a fight fan I absolutely love the idea of the sport expanding into novels for ya The story is definitely written for reluctant readers with

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    Great book for reluctant readers; short sweet and to the point but with a believable message

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read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Patrick Jones

Toughest female fighter She just has to avoid getting kicked out for her pain pill habit As her first amateur fight approaches Meghan will have.

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Body Shot The Dojo #4

Meghan lived through the car crash that killed her mom but it left her with injuries that ruined her school sports career Now she's the dojo's.

read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Patrick Jones

To decide if she's ready to move on from the crash and the secrets Can she find the courage to choose her moves wisely inside the cage and out.