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E and Bedford Falls and will identify with George's realization that life is a gift and every individual indispensable Specially commissioned artwork illustrates scenes from The Greatest Gift and an afterword by the author's daughter Marguerite Stern Robinson reveals how this enchanting story inspired the beloved movi. I m delighted beyond words right now It s a Wonderful Life is one of my favourite old movies and I had no idea it was based on a short story This is a truly magical tale which I m so glad to relieve There is something so lovely and endearing in it It may not be Christmas yet but I don t see how having the Christmas spirit in you all year long is a bad thing In fact I hope to stumble upon such precious jewels oftenwell I really want to re watch the movie now


The Greatest Gift

Few films have become a part of the fabric of American life as much as Frank Capra's classic It's a Wonderful Life Every Christmas Americans reopen their hearts to Jimmy Stewart and his journey through Bedford Falls Yet few of us know that the movie was based on The Greatest Gift a short story by Philip Van Doren Ster. A priceless importance due the film that inspired NO MAN IS A FAILURE WHO HAS FRIENDS It s not rare if you haven t read this short story or even know about it But certainly it could be uite rare if you haven t watched at least once the film that inspired The Greatest Gift by Phillip Van Doren Stern is the inspiration for the masterpiece directed by Frank Capra and performed by James Stewart Donna Reed Lionel Barry Thomas Mitchell and Henry Travers I am talking about It s a Wonderful Lifethe timeless classic which is now a tradition especially in United States to be watched on TV on each Christmas Eve And certainly since I was a kid I watched each time that I was able to do it and now as adult and since several years ago that I got the DVD and later the Blu ray now I do it as my own personal tradition too on each Christmas Eve s night I watched the film It s a Wonderful LifeAnd it s because the love and respect that I have for the film that it wasn t easy to rate this short story I really really REALLY wished to be able to give it a full 5 stars ratingBUTit was an odd reading experience very much like when I decided to read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank since some people whom only watched the mere rating also a 3 stars rating may think that I didn t like the story or even worse that I have no respect for what the book representedAnd that would be as far from truth as able possiblesince I do have a lot of respect to the general message the literature s importance and the social impact of the story in BOTH casesHowever as I commented in my appreciation about the reading value of The Diary of a Young Girl where I pointed out that it was a personal diary written by a teenager without caring about any coherency or even having a proper ending due understandable reasons but still hardly a good example of a typical book in the genre of a memoirIn the case of The Greatest Gift is a short story that it was originally printed on xmas cards to the friends of the author since he didn t get to publish it so you already have the main character George Pratt in the short story the last name was Pratt instead of the film version s Bailey in the climax scene and you basically you get a simplified version of the general message but the things are already changed and it s through the comments of the main character that you have to understand how as before and why it seems to be changed from the point of view of the main characterSo I have to admit that since I have watched A LOT of time the classic film so I am contaminated of being used to that form of getting the story but still I am truly believe that if you want to impact the audience you first have to get them to know and to like how it s the real life of the characters and then to make the change so you can be as impacted as is the main characterSo taking in account that it s a short story showing very little details never explaining why George Pratt was so desperate to try to do what was going to do since he tells that he thought that he never do a relevant thing in life but I do think that must be some kind of detonating event to force him to do something unspeakable but no there isn t in the written short story so hardly you can sympathize with the main character something that it s uite taking care of in the film and finally telling the changes in reverse order already living the changed reality and only commenting how was the real life you can t really being impacted by itHowever the general message is there and one can appreciate the importance of the existence of this book since without it we would never had the film It s a Wonderful Life and that could certainly leave an irreplaceable hole in humanity s historyA special compliment to the excellent job of Scott McKowen who did the illustration on this edition and it was a wonderful artwork EACH MAN S LIFE TOUCHES SO MANY OTHER LIVES People who have watched the film they will recognize my chosen titles for the sections of this reviews as uotes from the film that they are only in the film the written short story doesn t have these truly remarkable uotes giving a testimony of the priceless work done on the screenplay adapting the original short story into a full long story presented in the classic movieThe general message in both versions is simple If you don t do your part in life no one else will do it Many times people use to say that anyone is replaceable BUT one thing is to replace someone and totally another to be the same person Even is the smallest things in decisions that you may think aren t impacting on anyone they are crucial to have their lives as they use to know them A single change and those lives can be totally different A detail found on both versions short story and film and that you may think that it s not important or impossible that a person can influence it s that George Pratt or Bailey is in his climax moment there is snowing but once the angel does his thing the snow stopsIt was snowing in that town thanks that George lived thereYes I know you may think that I lose it but this is just like the Butterfly Effect where if a diminutive butterfly flaps its wings in Japan it will rain in New YorkSo yes I can believe that certain town will have a white Christmas with a gentle snowfall if IF the right person lives thereLife is the greatest gift that God gave us Never to doubt that each of you have an important purpose and impact while living in this plane of existenceAnd even important never rejecting the gift of life or corrupt it due doing the bad decisionsMerry Christmas to you all and blessings to you and all your families

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N privately printed as a Christmas card to the author's friends in 1943 This deluxe edition of The Greatest Gift marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of It's a Wonderful Life Delighted readers will immediately recognize George Bailey from the movie together with the guardian angel the snowy scene on the bridg. I love Frank Capra s It a Wonderful Life and was happy to read the very short story that started it all The short story and the movie have differences but the basic story line and the meaning ring true It was interesting to read the story and see the difference which any fan of the movie would truly enjoy The Afterword by Philip Can Doren Stern s daughter is interesting regarding the conception of the story and how it came to Capra The book is really good but the movie takes it up another level This is the first time IMO the movie out does the book but the book was a much needed ingredient in the movie and without this basic story there would be no George Bailey Looking at the story as if the movie had not been made it was a great little read with a big heart to itLux Radio Theater versionhttpswwwoldtimeradiodownloadscom

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    A priceless importance due the film that inspired NO MAN IS A FAILURE WHO HAS FRIENDS It’s not rare if you haven’t rea

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    4 stars for this 1943 short story and an extra half star for its having inspired one of my favorite Christmas movies of a

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    “I want to live again I want to live again I want to live again Please God let me live againHeartwarming and inspirationalAs a coll

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    45★I read this here Just be aware that there are a lot of typos in this editionAlso I must be one of the few in the English speaking world who hasn't seen It's a Wonderful Life Maybe if we still had Sky TVThis was such a sweet heartwarming story with a moral of counting your blessings It appears at first read to be uite a simple tale but it

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    Best known for its movie adaptation ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ this really touching tale really highlights the importance of friendship and familyAs George Bailey contemplates suicide he’s visited by a guardian angle ClarenceClarence reveals to George how many lives he has touched in the town of Bedford FallsThe perfect uick read for the festive period it really is a wonderful story

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    I love Frank Capra's It a Wonderful Life and was happy to read the very short story that started it all The short

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    The basis of the Capra classic It's a Wonderful Life The story was published in a magazine and is too short for the character development and world building that the movie is so good at and the supernatural element is much pronounced and better explained in the movie The story is still well worth your time and barely takes any to read

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    Update dec 2019 I still love it

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    I'm delighted beyond words right now It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favourite old movies and I had no idea i

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    This was so cute I read 4 different Christmas books this December and somehow this super short story was the best of them It had everything I wanted from a Christmas story and it left me with a smile on my face It was lovely