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Immortal Secrets Royal Glass Hearts #1

Plenty of steamy scenes set in a Fantasy world with a fairy tale twist It is a full length novel that ends on a cliffhanger with a HEA in the final book in the series Why choosePLEASE NOTE This book has been professionally edited in Australian English Some spellings will differ from standard UK English and American Engli. This book definitely has potential to be great It s captivating and it s a great twist on fairytales I m looking forward to continuing it when book two comes out Nothing really happened since this was an introduction to the world and its characters It did end with a twist that makes me excited

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Identally reveal your secret to four intimidating and handsome males and when you’re drawn to your unattainable and mysterious professor As far as the seven kingdoms are concerned Kira’s an immortal princess And she’ll do anything to keep it that wayThis is a New Adult slow burn Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance with. New favourite I loved it At some point I was scared that the whole story was gonna be about Kira finding about how evil her mum is No It WAS about the beginning of her journey understending herself her mother and the Kingdom itself but we see several point of view on the subject and it s not as black and white as I feared it would be Which gives her surrondings a chance to develop alongside Kiki Basically her harem wasn t full of know it alls who teach her the Way things are because they are not faultless It s not just Kiki s story It s theirs All of them Together I m so excitedI loved the guys loved Kiki but the greatest thing about this book characterwise was Corrie I can t even remember the last book bestie I didn t want to punch or didn t find utterly boring Can t wait for the next book

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Five immortal males One heir to the Glass Throne One huge secretIt should’ve been as simple as Kira laying low and not drawing attention to herself at the academy But laying low when your mother is the infamous Cinderella and you’re supposed to be one of the last sirens is harder than it sounds Especially when you acc. Guys This bookI received this book in exchange for my honest review and I gotta say it s been a hell of a long time since I read a book that was as original as this one The story itself was superb and the plot s pace was uite honestly perfectly timed There was no waffling no constant repeats of the same old statements and each page seemed to genuinely contribute to the story as a wholeThe grammar and structure of this book was honestly da bomb As the author s debut book I genuinely expected to find an endless list of grammatical and editing errors as carelessness towards book editing seems to be a growing trend in the book community nowadays Nevertheless I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised The story read well and flowed very nicelyAnd man let s not forget those potential harem members They just have bein likeEach and every potential harem member just has a vibe that completely fits in with our little Siren s character but I gotta be honest I m a suckler for damaged types so view spoilerZander hide spoiler

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  • Immortal Secrets Royal Glass Hearts #1
  • Renae Wright
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  • 09 August 2019
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About the Author: Renae Wright

Catastrophically clumsy Renae Wright spent her childhood in Australia floating in the fantasy worlds of anime and YA books In her twenties she moved to Japan to get a ‘real’ job but soon realised that running from her passion is exhausting and she’s just too lazy for that Now she writes unconventional romance and stalks cute animals

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    I was a judgey mcjudgerton starting this book Happily corrected D love it

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    25 Spoilers ahead I feel really conflicted about this book because it was engaging and I loved the writing I loved the first half BUT and it's a big but I spent the second half frustrated as hell The moment Rain puts the necklace on Kira I knew what it did and from that moment on every interaction between her and the guys were clouded by that feeling of betrayal and I could not enjoy any of it Every time they

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    Guys This bookI received this book in exchange for my honest review and I gotta say it's been a hell of a long time since I read a book that was

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    LOVED IT Renae draws u in to this book from the first page Great world and character building can imagine everything as you read I'm often hesitant about stories writing about well know fairy tale characters but was so surprised at how much I loved it I Couldn't put the book down Every character has their own uirks and I love it and them Love the main character Kira she is strong willed and although she is confused by the teachi

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    3 starsOK I’m not gonna lie I thought this book was gunna be terrible I am happy to say that it wasn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed it Anyways on to likes and dislikes• I really disliked the FMC for about 70% of the book She was stuck

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    New favourite I loved it At some point I was scared that the whole story was gonna be about Kira finding about h

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    This was fantastic Usually in polyamorous stories I end up not liking at least one of the guys or even the girl but here I liked everyone Kira Corrie Ash Nikolai Rain even though he's a dick Zander and especially Theo new book boyfriendI liked the take on fairy tale characters as well as the various species of magical creatures Male nymphs Yes pleaseview spoilerI'm really glad that Kira ended up being a siren

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    I was so excited to read this book and I was not disappointed The world in the book is well developed and the characters based on fairy tales are merged with the paranormal in a very creative and interesting way I loved the main charactershe had a wonderfully complex balance of being her own person while still taking in traits and thoughts that were trained into her by a harsh mother even when she didn’t li

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    This book definitely has potential to be great It's captivating and it's a great twist on fairytales I'm looking forward to continui

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    This is the debut novel for Renae wright and she absolutely killed it So many good things to say about this book where should I star

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