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A Dictionary of the Avant Gardes

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3 thoughts on “A Dictionary of the Avant Gardes

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    Yes Kostelanetz is opinionated But damn is it a fine collection Where else are you going to find Rimbaud Stein Cage Beefheart electronic music Reinhardt Duchamp Fuller Paik performance art Reich copy culture etc S

  2. says:

    trash from a terrible critic saved from a one star review by the amount of interesting topics it lists which i shall take away and research elsewhere in the works of other writers without this book's lethal combination of arrogant sweeping dismissals of some great artists laughing forever at the fact Kostelanetz writing in '93 pompously dismisses Laurie Anderson as someone with no important work and Pierre Boulez as someone whose works won'

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    An important resource for me but Kostelanetz's omissions and flatulent dismissive treatment of certain figuressee his entry for Charles Bernstein are telling A few obscure and pretentious inclusions especially among the visual poets but the book’s overall scope and the synthesis it achieves ultimately redeem these faults

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