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On of the complications of divorced families grown up daughters estranged sisters office friendships or fleeting love affairs t. Am I officially burned out on Yates Perhaps This couldn t get much than a meh out of me mainly because the stories seem like re runs of other storiesnovels by Yates Sculptress mother Check Cowardly soldier Check TB Check Middle class suburban life Check Alimony Divorce Creative writing Soul crushing Check by four Also odd is how much these stories fly in the face of all advice given to short story writers Most of them are basically 20 page novels rather than short stories I dislike writing school short stories and since Yates is meant to be the greatest short story writer of his age this book should really say something about that whole racket All of that said the title story was great as was Trying out for the Race Saying Goodbye to Sally has its moments And Yates narrative voice he only has one is all time great But overall I think I would ve been better off re reading 11 Kinds or one of the novels


Liars in Love

He pieces in this collection showcase Richard Yates's extraordinary gift for observation and his understanding of human frailty. I love me some Richard Yates

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The stories in Liars in Love are concerned with troubled relations and the elusive nature of truth Whether it be in the depicti. As a fan of the short story one thing I find absolutely paramount is the importance of character s being set up and closely observed in as little time as possible sometimes it s difficult to be totally engaged in a brief story if the people within don t grasp your attention from the off As American writers go both John Cheever and Raymond Carver wrote the short story to almost perfection so to did Richard Yates The thing with Yates though was his skill at writing realism to about as real as real is going to get concerning the ordinary and everyday lives of mid 20th century Americans Sometimes painful ugly and bleak other times tender and loving but still with an air of anxiety The seven stories featured in Liars in Love I would say are not only some of his best stories they are also some of his most optimistic Having said that there are failed marriages dysfunctional households and the subject matter may appear grim at times but it s along the lines of dark humour that wanting to slit your wrists The seven intimate stories take place in either New York London or Los Angeles but all still share the same bed though with some tucked up beautiful writing The first story Oh Joseph I am so tired is probably the most autobiographical and based on Yates s own troubled childhood which is seen from the perspective of two children growing up in a Greenwich Village apartment block with their divorced mother who likes a drink and is working on a model of President elect Roosevelt s head The children get visits from their father and have home tutorials with someone called Bart until the mother flips out after harsh words were supposedly said about her Young Susan Andrews comes next in A Natural Girl who ends up falling in love with a Lecturer whilst living on campus at a liberal Art s college in Wisconsin to the displeasure of her father who she despises anyway Things go according to plan until they don tFollowed by Trying out for the Race which sees two mothers Lucy and Elizabeth both with kids share a house near a highway outside of New York everyone gets on fine to begin with before the cracks start to appear The next two stories take place in London Liars in Love features an American who falls for a Scottish prostitute my favourite the other A Compassionate Leave sees a young soldier in WW2 return to his mother in England but not before touring around Paris trying to get his leg over first Regards at Home sees two male office workers become sort of friends before one heads off abroad Lastly finishing off in Hollywood with Saying Goodbye to Sally Jack Fields a failed writer who is away from his wife in LA falls for the wrong woman before ending up in a drunken stuporRest assured this is Yates writing with old painful memories still at heart he probably sat there with dry tears and a bottle of whisky close at hand whilst writing these but you wouldn t think soThe style and descriptive details are so confident and assured the narratives were crisp clear and easy to read whilst each of the main characters were so brilliantly brought to life As for the use of dialogue wow This was simply first rate storytelling by one of the finest American writers of the 20th century

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    As a fan of the short story one thing I find absolutely paramount is the importance of character's being set up and closely observed in as little time as possible sometimes it's difficult to be totally engaged in

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    It took a second Yates book for me to realise this man writes about the impossibility of two things unconditional love and acceptable real estate

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    I feel like climbing up to a rooftop and shouting into a very loud microphone “READ RICHARD YATES” I would of course get stared at and cursed at and my appeal would probably have the precisely opposite effect on anyone who hear

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    Not as good as Yates' other collection Eleven Kinds of Loneliness but still great reading The stories in this collection are all about relationships that fizzle out and die I love this guy's writing style and his characters are always interesting

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    Every short story is a jewel finely chiseled and precious its luster almost vulnerable Richard Yeats at his bes

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    Am I officially burned out on Yates? Perhaps This couldn't get much than a 'meh' out of me mainly because the stories seem like re runs of other storiesnovels by Yates Sculptress mother? Check Cowardly soldier?

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    2012The number of themes Yates uses is rather limited but he knows what he's doing with them The people in his stories are always such messes and there's never any hope and the love is never happy and nobody is e

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    As always Richard Yates elouently reminds us just how miserable relationships can make us

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    I love me some Richard Yates

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    The first half of stories I liked less than the second half But I think the title story and the whole second half is some of my favorite writing

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