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P to his neck in wife candidates And worse the twins' favorite lived right next doorPaige Watkins couldn't believe her eyes when she shepherded the twins and their fliers home Daddi was six feet three inches of hard bodied male and he thought.

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His And Hers Twins

Wive and Mommi wanted for Hansom Daddi and Dorabl TwinsHow could two tiny girls cause so much trouble Zeke Blalock had moved his vet practice to a small town to have time with his daughters Now thanks to the twins' advertising scheme he was u.

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She was applying for the positionPaige had long ago decided she wasn't marriage material Zeke's sensual appeal was just one reason to avoid him But neither she nor Zeke could evade the efforts of two determined little matchmakers for very lo.

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    zeke's color blindness is selective comes and goes when convenient He can't see the color of his socks but can see paige's hair color

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    This wasw a cute romance and good for a very uick read I enjoyed it

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