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What do you think is the most horrible way to dieIt was just a simple game a way for eight young campers to pass the time around the fire imagining the scariest ways to dieFor Billy Harman it was a room full of slithering razor fanged snakes For Jeff Zack it was a rotting zo.

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Campfire Story

G about the evil that was unleashed that night the evil that would rise up and stalk each boy one by oneThe most horrible way to die is to live with the terrors of your own mind Lucious told them When you die of fright you die a thousand timesCampfire Story It's not a game a.

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Mbie in his bedroom closet For Wall Fenner being eaten alive by hundreds of hungry spiders Then there were things like care wrecks earthuakes and drowningsBut the worst way to die was suggested by Lucius Cady the new boy who was trying to join the club Maybe he knew somethin.

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    What we have here people is a cheesy horror paperback that actually lives up to the promises it makes The cover art description and blurb all fit the story perfectly That alone must be some sort of feat especially for a book from a

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    There were 2 really enjoyable parts of this novel The beginning and towards the very end The story telling was great some good descriptions but I get tired of a group of ppl getting together to figure out what is going on Maybe a bit formulaic and I'm sure if I was younger I would have ate it up I'm older now and prefer much in plot so that is what is hindering me Great little sliver of 80s cheese though 3 stars for me

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