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How do the world’s greatest golfers improve their game Practice sure but Roland Minton says mathematics and statistics are also key to their success Golf by the Numbers analyzes the mathematical strategies behind the sport giving fans a behind the scenes look at how numbers drive the gameComputers GPS trackers swing simulators and high speed cameras have introduced new and exciting ways of seeing and understanding the complicated and endlessly fascinating game of golf Players like Phil Mickelson ar.

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Golf by the Numbers

E so good because they review the results of every swing they take Minton’s comprehensive analysis of statistics taken from the PGA Tour’s ShotLink system walks readers through the mountains of data that pros use to inform and refine their play The result is an insider’s perspective of how the world’s greatest golfers apply mathematics to the sportMinton discusses randomness in golf especially how much luck is involved in putting as well as aggressive and cautious strategies both on and off t.

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He greens and he explains by the numbers just how Tiger Woods was so dominant from 2004 to 2009Here is a book that tells some truly engaging stories of modern golf featuring famous players and memorable tournaments all through the lens of elementary probability theory Minton’s informal style and clear and direct explanations make even the most detailed discussions accessible to all curious minded golfers His mathematical morsels are not only enjoyable to read they may even help you improve your gam.

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    A very interesting view to this beautiful game and a fascinating peek at applied mathematical thinking

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