[PDF/EBOOK] Deepening Fiction A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers ☆ Sarah Stone

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Bilities The mini anthology includes a variety of interesting illustrative and diverse stories North American and international contemporary and classic realistic and experimenta. Good advice and exercises with a variety of stories for examples

review Deepening Fiction A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers

Deepening Fiction A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers

Writing choices This book addresses the major elements of fiction Numerous examples uestions and exercises throughout the book help readers reflect upon and explore writing possi. Hard to find a better fiction writing textbook Recommended by Joan Silber

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This intermediateadvanced guide to writing fiction emphasizes the revision process and uses craft discussions exercises and diverse examples to show the artistic implications of. Connecting character to story what action or event could most test this person s particular personality A story will be complicated if a readers hopes and fears for the character are not identical to the characters hopes and fears for themselves Characters may support or defeat each other may have conflicting needs or complementary needs world views desires or may illuminate each other through their interactions When examining our own stories for interactions of characters look at what their effect their personalities and actions have on others complicate them and find ways in which they overlap Counterpointed example he find her attractive she finds him disgusting In revision we have several ways to address the lethargy that passive main characters can bring to a story Perhaps the character needs to have responsibility or to make a mistake that has dramatic conseuences Or maybe the character s failure to stand up for his or her desires can have conseuences which then force the character to engage in dramatic actions to compensate Hamlet is perhaps the most famous example of disasters caused by failure to act Humanize through weakness villains who cause damage because they are damaged villains intend harm heros do good Use character to complicate what we already know how they motivate hold back what they want and how their own character stops them from getting it Let them be their own people Basic Plot Ground SituationComplication or inceptionRising action increases tensionCrisis tension hits highest pointClimax perform the most significant actions of the story in response to peak tensions lives changed Falling action response to changes Drive Something meaningful must be at stakeIt is human nature to route for the underdogActual plot vs emotion plot Emotion is like people who uestion their lives purposes so if they have sacrificed everything for others was it worth it if those others leave them Other structures nonlinear rely on building and creating meaning Look at how the images change through what they represent or how the characters change Scene lives in the moment Change in scene can occur in surface events and relations or in subtextTo push our limits we change our usual balance talk talk less lush sense of the physical world by adding description that enhances character or tone deepen fiction through the heart of the story An effective summary can set up or ask uestions introduce a mystery or move us gracefully through hours or years when nothing much is happening to our characters Summary should be as fascinating as sceneOnce drafted review for details surprising observations subtle continuation of story s purposes Situational what happens Psychological is human drama greed or love or other struggles Use details to drive home the pointNonrealistic fiction needs to be memorable but have something to do with the real struggles of live but needs to convey the strangeness of the fictional world This is the hardest thing Firm sense of the legitimacy of our own work and impulses Welty Feelings are bound up in place Invent secrets Create a scene action dialogue descriptive details in which one character communicates the secret to the other without direct discussion Opening of a story teaches us to interpret the story

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    45 stars An excellent textbook for writing that goes beyond the basics This book is geared specifically to writing short st

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    Connecting character to story “what action or event could most test this person’s particular personality” A story wi

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    Another garbage book The authors are so pretentious it is hard to get through a chapter They consider anyone who writes differently from them to be inferior and a bad author I guess that is why I have never heard o

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    Hard to find a better fiction writing textbook Recommended by Joan Silber

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    Eventually books that teach writing all sound the same They attempt to provide fresh new ways of thinking about the craft of creative writing but in the end it's all the same You need the drive the motivation and the need to write You need to want to write If you can't find that then no writing book can help youIf you haven't read any books

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    I was assigned this textbook for a fiction writing class It's easy to use and understand but I saw nothing 'new' in regards to the subject matter Same rehashing of info and rules that writers are told throughout the process

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    Good advice and exercises with a variety of stories for examples

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    My favorite resource on writing fiction

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    This is very much a textbook as is evidenced by the fact that the copyright is held by Pearson Education instead of by the authors I can see

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    Used by my intermediate fiction class in college Deepening Fiction was a useful guide in learning how to better my craft; the anthology included within the textbook was even better offering readers a chance to see the textbook's suggestions at work This book focuses heavily on revision a tool useful for any write

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