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T meant for with a husband she shouldn't desire Ellie's resolve wavers Until a tiny kick from within reminds her why she made a deal with this handsome devil her baby his heir When one nightleads to pregnan. received 4 12 stars TOP PICK RT Book ReviewsMiniseries One Night With Conseuences

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Carrying the Greek's Heir

Pregnant with the billionaire's baby From the moment hardworking Ellie Brooks met mogul Alek Sarantos her life has gone off the rails First she was fired Now she's pregnant with the ruthless Greek's baby It. Waitress Ellie works in a fancy posh boutiue hotel in the New Forrest She s got a sad origin story and she doesn t think she s got much going on in the face and body department but she has ambitions She s going to be a hotel manager I love ambitions Even if a woman is going to end up marrying a billionaire and having babies not necessarily in that order I will love her if she at least started out really wanting something else Ellie s been serving Alek drinks and food all week and he s super into her He s fantasizing about touching her She s all soft and curvy and he wants to get all over and into and around and under any body part or collection of body parts she cares to put in his way And it s not just her sexy bits he actually likes her It s pretty shocking although it doesn t mean he turns out any readier to make sensible adult decisions than any other sexy Greek billionaireHe likes the way she carries herself and her calm and direct way of being around people I first came across Alek in Christmas in Da Conti s Bed where he was known as Alekto I m a little disappointed that he s dropped that last syllable It made him sound like a funky robot and I m not opposed to a little cyborg kink Alek is also remotely linked to urhah I haven t read the urhah books because I m not that much into sheikhs they re further down the sexy list than cyborgs but still rate slightly higher than cowboys and SEALs and because I m still conflicted about whether it s racist of me to find it funny that a fictional country and people urhahians sound like a description of a dog laughing Alek had terrible and now dead parents He is self made he left his nasty dad s evil fortress when he was 15 and never went back He works long hours and sleeps with beautiful bankers and lawyers He values smarts and discretion in a woman and a woman who knows when to put on her clothes and take herself homeAlek doesn t uite manage to seduce Ellie at the end of his holiday He gets a smooch behind the bike shed I am NOT kidding and goes home to London Ellie s not even thinking about how that smooch was the best smooch of her life and destroyed her chance of finding happiness on another man s lips when some blonde guest starts pumping her for information about Alek Unnamed Blonde she really needed a name because she was actually a little bit important witnessed the midnight bike shed smooch Does Ellie know who Alek was yes What does Ellie think of Alek who is as scary as he is handsome Ellie thinks he s a pussycat Did Ellie know he had a girlfriend Poor Ellie No she didn t know but she s not going to let it bug herUnfortunately for Ellie that guest was a journalist and Ellie s revelations about Alek s pussycat nature are splashed across some gossip rag Alek is stroppy about Ellie s betrayal and has her firedWhich Ellie although she s not happy about it because it kills her dreams acknowledges as a fair cop She made a stupid mistake and was indiscrete about a guest I loved her I thought she was a great character who went after what she wanted without a whole lot of hand wringing and sulking She transcended her terrible background Sure she had hang ups about her appearance and about family and men but she wasn t letting them define her or get in the way of who she wanted to beShe has this great little story about her troubled relationship with her mother and I have to put it in because it s so beautiful and sad When Ellie was little she went on a school excursion to the natural history museum and she used her pocket money to buy her mum a little dinosaur shaped soap Her mum looked at the gift and was all woe unto us If your father wasn t such a low life bastard you d have been able to buy me a big dinosaur shaped soap This is darkly funny but also memorably awful for a little girl Her mum was an unhappy and terrible person but Ellie was adorable It s like just for that moment she became that cute kid from thousands of fabric softener commercials The one who looks up at the mother who has made clothesbeddingtowels so amazingly soft with the biggest most liuidly adoring eyes in the world She earned her billionaire in that moment And she deserved to be happy for being so completely straight about her own desires without thinking they were dirty She even owned the obligatory shopping spree without turning into a puddle I was so proud of her all the way through the bookSo Ellie is packing up to leave when Alek shows up and they make wild passionate love on Ellie s single bed Contraception is employed It s just not employed very effectively as Ellie soon discovers she s pregnant She s got a new job and morning sickness and she s sad and mad with Alek for just getting up and leaving after the best sex ever But Ellie is strong She takes her big girl pills and goes to see Alek because he deserves to know that she s up the duff And he s only mildly nasty about the whole are you sure it s mine and I used a condom deal Ellie s all they aren t 100% effective and Alek s all you seem to know a lot about it sneer Look buddy My new theory is that condom companies are being kind when they put those warning labels out because they don t want to accuse customers of being incompetent Sharon Kendrick made it very clear that you weren t putting that thing on right so this is your fault Maybe you need to practice some with bananas and socks Ellie wants to get married Alek points out that they don t have to which is legit but that s what she wants so that s what they doEverything about how Ellie and Alek handle what usually turns into a crazy drama is just lovely I don t know what got into Sharon Kendrick with this one and Christmas but I really like it Not that I don t also love Stable Girl I totally do One of the ways I cheer myself up is remembering that in fiction man gods can be absolutely slain by love for girls who get so overwhelmed by passion and drama that they must flip their aprons over their heads and dash off to some domestic cupboardThere is still plenty of conflict for the characters to work through but the work Kendrick put into the developing intimacy between Alek and Ellie was just lovely There s the intense passion but they also notice and are kind to each other The passion was still there but I really appreciated the times when they were so sweet and charming and caring towards each other I totally loved this book and think Sharon Kendrick is immensely clever in how she can shade crazy drama plots in such different ways

review Carrying the Greek's Heir

Was only supposed to be one wild passionate night Yet when Ellie shows up demanding Alek legitimize their unborn child he shocks himselfand agrees to her outrageous reuest Catapulted into a world she wasn'. Not a fan of non virginal heroines when I read a Harleuin Presents

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    I liked the start of this story but by the end I was so not impressedA poor waitress gets her virginity taken by the rich and totally horrible Greek billionaireThis guy sleeps with her because he finds her sweet

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    This was a pretty typical ONS story that led to a pregnancy that led to a marriage It only got interesting when the heroine made the hero drill down into his origin story and find his twin brother The heroine was fine The hero wasn't too horrible The journalist was Rita Skeeter's Muggle cousin

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    Waitress Ellie works in a fancy posh boutiue hotel in the New Forrest She’s got a sad origin story and she doesn’t think she’s got much going on in the face and body department but she has ambitions She’s going to be a hotel manager I love ambitions Even if a woman is going to end up marrying a billionaire and having babies not nece

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    Not a fan of non virginal heroines when I read a Harleuin Presents

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    Carrying the Greek's Heir provided a nice armchair trip to a bit of Greece Alek was the typical rich alpha male who usually got his way and never settled for one specific woman due to watching how his father behaved with women and treated his own mother He takes a short vacation and meets a waitress at his resort and th

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    I love the pregnancy harleuins but I have to say this one was pretty average I've been pretty disappointed with what harleuin has put out recently

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    received 4 12 stars TOP PICK RT Book ReviewsMiniseries One Night With Conseuences

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    I'm the odd one out on this one I liked it 35 stars

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    Ellie and Alek's story was a mix of interesting and lopsided I liked it alright but I did not love it Initially Alek came off as a bit arrogant and creepy Ellie on the flip side was so sweetly innocent and naive th

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    Book SummaryPublished by HarleuinRelease Date 17th March 2015Pages 192My Rating 2 StarsReviewI was all on board with this story right up until the moment that Ellie demanded that the man she barely knew the man that she'd had a one night stand with marry her THAT was the point where I lost all faith in this story I understand her thought process but to me it showed a massive weakness in a woman that claimed to be strong and wanted to be di

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