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Susan M Bearden Á 4 Summary

Tfalls of the digital world take hold of the plethora of opportunities available to you and confidently engage in online connections without fear  Educators parents and students will discover how to Protect privacy and leave pos.

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Digital Citizenship

Itive online footprints Understand creative credits and copyright freedoms Foster responsible digital behaviors through safe and secure practices Enlist all stakeholders to help ingrain digital citizenship into the school culture.

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Make responsible digital citizenship part of your school’s culture Use this book’s community based approach to building digital citizenship to teach learn and thrive in today’s digital environment  Expertly navigate the pi.

3 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

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    I rolled my eyes at the title but then thought hey 87 pages I've got a Goodreads Reading Challenge to completeGlad I went for it though I think it's overpriced in the Kindle store A fabulous read for anyone working in education preK to higher

  2. says:

    I read this book as part of our DOE's eLearning Summer Book Club in preparation for Indiana Digital Citizenship Week The book was very practical a uick read with doable suggestions

  3. says:

    The book had good general ideas and well reinforces the need for digital citizenship in our schoolslives but I was hoping for how to information and examples that I could useapply

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