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Kes to walk the line And his number one self imposed rule Avoid his hunger for sexy irresistible Poppy who challenges him on everything But it's a vow that's getting harder and harder to ke. My thoughts exactly This book flat out sucked I kept checking the spine to make sure it was an adult romance novelRemember the Sweet Valley High book series If not let me refresh your memory It was a couple of teenage girls who have teenage girl giggle fests and have teenage puppy love romances Yea that is EXACTLY what Bending the Rules was like It was so frustrating The book focused so much on the crime and the situation with the kids that there really was no story between Poppy and the cop Overall crappy writing crappy characters crappy storyimage error


Bending the Rules

Tall dark and intense Detective Jason de Sanges excites all kinds of fantasies in Poppy Calloway But when she suggests the three teens caught spray painting a Seattle neighborhood be given. So why not just relax and see where it takes youBecause she s a good girlAnd you re a good boy Murphy roaredI m a fucking de Sanges I uit being a good boy around the time I turned eightOkay This was better than the first book I think Cutting Loose Let s do a uick run downPoppy is an artist and the child of hippies She draws for a living She s making it but you know tiny apartment 12 year old car etc She volunteers with at risk inner city youth in her spare time teaching an art class She s very thin and she s blondeJason whom we were introduced to in Book 1 is a cop The Sisterhood refers to him as The Sheikh comparing him to their childhoodteenaged fantasy of being kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery to a rich and powerful sheikh a la At the Sheikh s Command Sheikh s Betrayal A Sultan s Ransom Pregnant by the Sheikh Sold to the Sheikh etc etc it s a whole romance sub genre trust me They call him this because of his dark looks I have no idea what ethnicitybackground this guy has it s never mentioned De Sanges sounds French to me but what the flip do I know and rather commanding icy presence He comes from a criminal family and thinks that makes him genetically inherently evil or something It was his commanding and icy presence coupled with the fact that he s a police officer which made me think I wasn t going to enjoy this novel The girls fantasy of being enslaved to a foreign exotic read non American no I don t mean non white although surely they do I mean non American billionaire has never been one of my personal turn ons Rather confused by it actually despite Harleuin having a line that deals exclusively with this fantasy Harleuin Presents but okayANYWAY I was expecting some kind of alpha macho asshole that would be making me very unhappy However happily that was not the case Overall he was pretty decent But we had some problems I d like to address1 He s a bit possessive He follows her to a bar glares at every man who approaches her he looks up her address and shows up at her house He unilaterally decides he s going to move in with her after the first time they have sexActually if you are thinking that all this is very bad it was actually pretty mild I appreciated Andersen keeping the reins on this alpha male garbage I ve read TONS worse than this Really it s rather sad that this behavior constitutes mild for me but there you go As far as alpha males go this guy is pretty lightweight WHICH IS GOOD For a lot of female readers this would be a complaint but with me it s a compliment I d rather he not be an alpha at all but if I absolutely have to put up with asshole behavior I d rather it be just a tinge in an overall loving and respectful man which Jason is Trust me I ve read so much worse than this Andersen actually surprised me in a good way by making this guy not a complete asshole2 THIS IS MY BIGGEST PROBLEM Look at this I can take care of myselfHis eyebrows lowered Oh yeah I can see you re all kinds of toughI m plenty toughA temper where she was accustomed to seeing a carefully controlled expression snapped in his eyes Well let s test that theory whataya say Let s pretend I ve just broken in and I ve got it in my mind to kill you because He shook his head Well we don t really know why do we Maybe simply because you re so goddamn stubborn He narrowed his eyes at her But first I m going to have a little fun You might not think it s a whole lot of fun but hey what do I care I m a fuckin psychopathIt s at this point Carmen starts praying that the author isn t going where Carmen THINKS she s going with this The way he stared at her with flat dark angry eyes he looked like a psychopath Goose bumps ran down her spine and the backs of her thighs You re scaring me Jason she whisperedWhy You re plenty tough remember So what are you gonna do He feinted at her and with a burst of fury that he was deliberately trying to frighten her she ran for her tote with its little canister of pepper spray He wanted to act like this was real She d show him realExcept she wasn t tough at all Hell she wasn t even fast She didn t get a full yard away before he swept her feet out from under her She tumbled to the floor and in a flash he d dropped down rolled her over and had her pinned her wrists stapled by his long hands to the aged fir on either side of her headThen they have sex for the first time as a couple I m wailing in despairWhy are you so upset Carmen Rape play Oh no No no no Don t you fucking call what s going on in this scene rape play I can t believe Jason A POLICE OFFICER would be doing this Sexual role playing is one thing I don t give a care what two consenting adults do in their bedroom I really don t And I m actually completely fine with a romance book which features people pretending to rape each other despite what my all consuming hatred of rapists and my blanching at the thought of BDSM would have you believe Take Tessa Dare s erotica or Gena Showalter s The Stone Prince I m or less fine with what goes on in those novelsHowever those people are people who have discussions about what they are going to do sexually and are in a sexual relationship where both their sexual needs are being met Everyone s on board everyone s having a good time It s for fun Whether it s YOUR idea of fun is immaterial here I m saying it s all consensual and a rather mutual ideaTHIS on the other hand has nothing to do with any kind of mutual sexual decision And the worst thing is that I ve met guys who pull this kind of shit It s not amusing it s not fun it s not educational or done to protect you or any other shit they think it is It s an EXTREMELY bad idea to be like Oh you think you re tough I m going to jump you now showing how easy it would be to overpower you and rape youHow can anyone think this is okay Most especially a POLICE OFFICER WTF There s three things I want to address that you should never do as a man who s interacting with a woman1 After being in a situation where you take her home when she s drunk put her to bed to sleep it off etc etc tell her some version of Well I could have raped you but I didn t As if you deserve a medal or a cookie or praise or some sort of reward for not raping a helpless and semi conscious or unconscious female PLEASE NEVER DO THIS unless your goal is to skeeve the woman out completely and ensure she ll cross the street every time she sees you coming2 Never make some offer to a woman unless she s a lover or family member that you can teach her self defense and then make comments about how many rapists are out there and how dangerous it is to walk a night and a girl like you alone at night rapists blah blah blah again unless your goal is to scare the crap out of some woman who THOUGHT you were a normal guy but is now convinced you are a huge creeper and again will now cross the street in order to avoid you But I was just trying to PROTECT her Um no Unless she s your loved one this is NOT okay Thinking of a way to spend time with her or get to know her better that DOESN T involve you talking to her about rapists or putting your hands on her while teaching her to defend herself against rapists This is NOT charming or cute This is NOT a sweet offer to make It s fucking creepy3 As in this book please never try to overpower a woman or demonstrate how easy it would be to rape her unless you are a self defense instructor and she is in your class of her own free will I feel RIDICULOUS for having to type this out I feel like every man should obviously know this is a bad idea and know not to do this but apparently there s a lot of idiots out there so I m typing this out DO NOT DO THIS EVER And unlike in this novel no woman is then going to be overcome with lust after this and have sex with you Actually she s going to make you leave immediately and possibly report you to someone I can t believe Andersen is making this kind of thing into foreplay Again it would be completely different if it was a mutual fantasy which they had discussed beforehand and were performing because they were both sexually excited and planned to do this Not him spontaneously jumping her in the kitchen in a fit of temper to prove a point This kind of thing is unacceptable I d not only never agree to see him again but I d be fucking terrified of him after thisEven though I ve never had to personally deal with 3 I ve never dated a guy that stupid I ve dealt with 1 and 2 believe it or not And the sad thing is the men who do this kind of shit some of them at least seem genuinely confused that I m not ecstatic and grateful to them for their generous consideration oO So if this review can help any man in any way to avoid scaring the shit out of some woman I m happy to have done my part DON T DO THISHow s the sex CarmenWell take what I said in the above part into consideration We also have And Poppy s thinking processes short circuited Feeling his mouth simultaneously firm and soft against her lips her head reeling with his scent a frisson of undiluted lust rushed to her brain filling it with heat that immediately suffused her entire body She rose onto her toes to get closer CLOSER to the source tightening her arms around his neck until she darn near had him in a choke hold reveling in the press of that long hard body the entire length of her own Her lips parted beneath his her tongue slicked over the silky inner membrane of his lower lipI m pretty sure sentence 3 has a typo in it not mine but the author s but that s not my problem My problem is the author s use of the word membrane I m sorry membranes are just not sexy Don t mention them when describing kissingAnd if that weren t enough later we are dealing with tissues Yes tissues He knew he was hitting her sweet spot when her eyes lost focus and he pulled out so slowly he felt the drag of every single millimeter of those slippery tissues trying to retain their clasp on himSexy idea I can see where she s going with this but the word tissues combined with her earlier use of membranes just takes all the sexy right out of this and makes me think I m in anatomy class or somethingThose issues aside the sex is better than it was in the first novelHow could it possibly be WORSETrue very true Still nothing to get excited about I wouldn t read this book for the sex scenes is what I m sayingI love when authors introduce me to a new song or a new band and I m happy to say that Andersen is responsible for getting me to listen to Zero 7 which is what Poppy listens to in this book I love discovering new music through books This is a plusTl dr While I think this is overall a better book than the first book in the series Cutting Loose I still can t say I m too impressed Andersen s strongest areas are character development and plot but her heroes and sex scenes still leave a lot to be desiredONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STAR

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Art related community service and he just wants to see them payall bets are offWith the men in his family always in and out of the slammer Jase was raised in foster care He knows what it ta. Bending the Rules is book two in Susan Andersen s Sisterhood Diaries series about three unrelated women who have been best friends since childhood When their wealthy benefactress dies her will provides the impetus that eventually sees each woman finding just the right man for herPoppy was and still is the hippie of the trio Raised on a commune and the benefits of granola she uses her talents to work with at risk children But even she isn t sure how to react when her latest project acuires an overseerDetective de Sanges This would be the same man who makes her girly parts not just hum but break into full operatic arias If only he wasn t soby the bookfrustratingreally really HOTJason comes from a family of cons and he s pretty sure the only thing keeping him from the same fate is his devotion to rules and regulations So when his boss orders him to take part in Poppy s program for some good ink he goesbut not happily He s already had one run in with Ms Liberal and doesn t want anotherno matter how smoking hot she isI like plots where the main characters are very different yet manage to find a compromise The electric attraction between these two almost singed my fingers and Andersen can definitely bring the heat when it comes to love scenes She also manages to focus on the problems of at risk kids without preaching to the audience and that takes a fairly deft touchThere were no real stutters or holes in Susan Andersen s latest My biggest beef was with Jason s refusal to grow past his teen version of his character There was a time or two when I wanted to smack him upside the heador was praying that Poppy would Other than that minor annoyance it was a very fun read with a good bit of humor

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    So why not just relax and see where it takes you?Because she's a good girlAnd you're a good boy Murphy roaredI'm a fucking de Sanges I uit being a good boy around the time I turned eightOkay This was better than the first book I think Cutting Loose Let's do a uick run downPoppy is an artist and the child of hippies She draws for a living She's making it but you know tiny apartment 12 year old car etc She volunteers with at risk

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    Another enjoyable read in this series I love how the girls referred to their perfect man as Mr Sheik I think most of us read about the sheiks on our romantic travels with books I went to work in Saudi Arabia many years ago I kinda gave up on the romantic sheik dream after that LOLBit of a mystery element to it too not much

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    July 2011 Review 3 starsThis is why I don't do rereads damn it The book rarely if ever is as good as I thought it was the first time around And when I read a book than once I start noticing little things that annoy

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    15 STARS Reasons why I ended DNF'ing this oldie from 2009 at 71%▪︎ her tongue slicked over the silky membrane of his lower lip▪︎ his strong tongue flattened against her most intimate tissues▪︎ His thumb slid up and down her furrowBeside my lost of interest because of the neglected focus on the romance the sex scenes lingo really made me feel like I was reading a surgery or veterinary notebookI had

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    Bending the Rules is book two in Susan Andersen's 'Sisterhood Diaries' series about three unrelated women who have

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    Poppy Calloway and Jason de Sanges met only once during one of the detective's investigation but it was enough to leave a strong impression on each other When three teenagers are caught doing graffitis on some business buildings Poppy propose to their committee to let the kids paint a mural after they'll clean up their tagging But the young woman never thought her idea of helping the teenagers would backfire on her when she suddenly have

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    25 stars Read the first 100 pages very average skimmed a lot after that I feel like I am cleaning house of all these books I have had forever and nothing appeals to me Damn you Kristen Ashley

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    My thoughts exactly This book flat out sucked I kept checking the spine to make sure it was an adult romance novelRemember the Sweet Valley High book series? If not let me refresh your memory It was a couple of teenage girls who have teenage girl giggle fests and have teenage puppy love romances Yea that is EXACTLY what Bending the

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    Good story Our heroine is an artist who wants the whole world to find and express the art of their soul Our hero is a practical policeman who must protect her while trying to avoid falling in love with her free spirit

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    this author was on my auto buy list I think she's moving to my skim at the bookstore listThe plot for this book is solid I love a goo