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Ever made love to over 100 women Have you attempted sex with 26 women at once Have you ever been in love with a person who met the criteria of your dreams but you could never reach a place of commitment I never thought this would become my life but it.

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The Mind of a Womanizer

Did From fitting 10 women into one day to hiding another woman's car so my mistress would not see it Not to mention continuous manipulation and deceit Through this lifestyle I learned an orgasm is a powerful drug that ignites side effects such as stalk.

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Ing threats on your life and even fatal attraction Some may call this the gift and the curse but it takes place everyday This may not have been your life but I openly invite you to walk through the story of mine I welcome you into The Mind of A Womaniz.

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    Ever wonder how guys talk about women when they are among st themselves? this book tells it all It was very entertaining and just as the title insist it is truly all about women and his sex capades even though reading different aspects of his

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    I suggest THE MIND OF A WOMANIZER for everyone both men and women for the women to get a glimpse of how SOME men operate

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    Bleh If u wanna read a book about some mans sexcapades then this is it Clearly this dude is perfect everyone wants him and his sex Is off the chain sarcasm I wish I could get them time back I invested in reading

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