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    It was a very good book liked the story Possible to follow Lorik and his ueen So would recommend itA very good

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Onor could cost him his life Lorik The Protector Magic Some seek to learn its mysteries some seek to control it others are touched by it and forever changed He felt strange He didn’t open his eyes but he could feel every part of his body and they were all changing His muscles every fiber of them were growing Blood ran through his veins in an intoxicating dance His heart beat so strongly he couldn’t believe it He could feel it pumping the blood through his body like a drum beating the cadence of the dance His bones felt like iron and his mind was light his thoughts fast and nimble like a deer dashing through the woods The King of Ortis has marched to war with his entire army leaving the people of his kingdom unprotected Into this void comes Lorik battle axe in hand leading a small group of volunteers from the southern marshlands They travel north to help tide the invasion by the Norsik raiders who come to kill pillage and take slaves But it will take than brute strength and a sound strategy to turn back the massive tribes of raiders and the danger will threaten not only Lorik but his most dearly loved friends as well As magic awakens in the Five Kingdoms.

download The Lorik Trilogy Books 1 3

The Lorik Trilogy Books 1 3

All three full length novels together in one volume Lorik Everyone knew he was deadly even in Hassell Point a city full of outlaws and thieves It was obvious at a glance from his low slung knives to the blood dripping from his knuckles But the stranger wasn't looking for trouble he wanted a fresh start and Lorik was determined to give him one Lorik is a teamster delivering cargo throughout the kingdom of Ortis from his home deep in the marshlands where he has lived his whole life As rumors of magic and dragons in the northern kingdom of Yelsia cause the King to march to war with his army lawless men seize the opportunity to take what they can by force It could be the perfect time for Lorik to partner with the newcomer named Stone but the young warrior brings problems of his own that could place Lorik and the people he cares about in even danger Set in the world first introduced in the best selling Five Kingdoms series the Lorik trilogy introduces new characters who will impact the destiny of this fabled land Lorik is the story of a man whose world is suddenly turned upside down His concern for a friend earns him an enemy his actions make him a hero but his h.

free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub è Toby Neighbors

Lorik's world teeters on the brink of disaster and unless Lorik finds his purpose and fulfills his destiny all will be lost Lorik The Protector is an action filled high adventure novel that moves at a blinding pace It is the second installment of the Epic Fantasy Lorik trilogy and is set in the world of the best selling Five Kingdoms series Lorik The Defender Times are dire in the Five Kingdoms In the south an evil sorceress summons horrific beings called Leffers into the world of men and is building a massive army to conuer Ortis and the other kingdoms who still oppose her Everyone looks to Lorik to defend them but with only a few dedicated volunteers at his side he holds out little hope of success Meanwhile a new evil is taking shape in the north An ancient evil is stirring one that will pierce the heart of Lorik as he struggles to fulfill his destiny Magic is drawn to the mighty warrior but will it engulf him in darkness or carry him through the veil of evil shrouding the Five Kingdoms and into the light of a new era of peace The third installment in the Lorik Trilogy is a fast paced epic fantasy thriller that will keep you turning pages late into the nig.