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Intrepid band of revolutionaries You Bright and Risen Angels is the work of an extraordinary imagination In this free wheeling novel of epic proportions William T Vollmann has crafted a biting hilarious satire of history technology politics and misguided love. Vollmann is it must be said ahead of all other things a resolutely odd dude Odd in his personality the man has cultivated enough myths around his extreme novels to be something of a meme in the literary world and let us all pat ourselves on the back for not creating Chuck Norris style Vollman facts But also and pertinent to my project right here odd from a stylistic point of view And I don t mean the fact that this novel concerns the war between the insects and the forces of electricity with giant beetles and transcontinental railroads and sexual shenanigans in the observatory where the master of the forces of electricity worked and a near Unabomber perspective on good old modern electricity Yes this is an eccentric plot point but itooi weird Dude s a postmodern novelist so these sorts of hijinks are par for the course No what s odd about Vollmann is how he writes these novels that have the outward appearance of meticulous organization and yet are when you actually sit down and ireadi em haphazard as all get out In terms of his stylistic preferences and themes and so forth he sits well in the GaddisPynchonMcElroy school let me be the first to acknowledge that yes maybe we re all sick of saber rattling about Important White Guy Authors so I ll drop this thread pretty soon but unlike those authors who seem to organize their apparent chaos uite meticulously Vollmann seems to just sort of slop a ton of ideas together I mean sure these novels have elaborate chapter subchapter headings and repeated motifs and Strategically Placed Illustrations and all of this other stuff but I mean for fuck s sake so much of this book is just isloppyi in its constructionThe general idea I got from reading this is Vollmann had no idea how to structure a mega tome yet and judging by his later work he never got better at organizing or developing his myriad ideas he just sort of plastered on Even the brief Whores for Gloria suffers from this it doesn t so much have a plot that develops as a psychological state that swelters and fractures until it breaks down on the streets of the Tenderloin Or remember if you happen to have read it the pages upon pages of Europe Central that or less amount to boom here s another execution carried out in East Germany boom here s another execution carried out in East Germany boom here s Shostakovich having weird sex boom here s Shostakovich having weird sex The dude is the master of tacking on ii Want a concrete example Oh I ve got it The narrator Big George conflict I think the idea here was the produce a metafictional device about how history becomes repurposed based on the tellers but it doesn t seem much substantial or well rounded than an extended acknowledgment of the fact which means it doesn t really serve much purpose except to be there especially not since Vollman doesn t really do much to distinguish their voices Want another example The pages upon pages of post adolescent poetry about a girlfriend that abandoned the narrator He comes off as a real creep first off passive aggressive and wallowing and what s is it doesn t add a fucking thing to the narrative and my uestion is just why is it here why is every chapter interrupted with this Yet reader I cannot tell a lie It was a horde of raging cannibals who were also aliens who chopped down your beloved cherry tree erm I mean this book is goddamn entertaining when it isn t indulging in the painful lost love story I mean for fuck s sake what is this doing here because well there s just no way I won t be entertained by the rambling story of a group of insects waging war against the forces of electricity and also because when he isn t wallowing in his misery if anyone can oversell a point it s Vollmann our man in California can cook up some mean sentences I realize all the criticism might point to a lower star rating but goddammit Vollmann is really good at the stuff he s good at and it s also uick and easy to explain the stuff he s good at entertaining premises and beautiful sentences There are some truly immersive scenes here too a revolutionary attack on a computer programming center some really wrenching memories of the protagonist s experiences at summer camp a bizarre and not fully realized but still weirdly fulfilling description of an expedition in the the Revolutionaries nightmare trek into the arctic and if you ve read my reviews you know that kind of stuff gets my literary hackles up Plus I also love the sense he gives that this war is a part of something bigger that the book doesn t end when you close it Vollmann for all his flaws for this book s desperate need of an editor can really fucking tell a story and the fact that he can pull that off despite the dozens of pages that go absolutely nowhere either speaks volumes about Vollmann s talent or about my own tastes Either way the dull moments are substantially outweighed by passages I couldn t put down In honesty there s a lot I dislike about Vollmann and I don t imagine I ll ever give one of his books the full five stars but when he gets it all together you can t stop him

CHARACTERS You Bright and Risen Angels

You Bright and Risen Angels

Els against his own kind and joins forces with the insects Wayne a thug allies himself with the malevolent forces of electricity and vows to assassinate the preying mantis who tends bar in Oregon A brusue La Pasionara with the sprightly name of Millie leads an. When I was about twelve years old I built The Conglomeraship out of LEGO blocks The Conglomeraship was intended to look as if it had been assembled from the salvaged derelict scraps of other ships It was purposefully ugly bulky and crude And ever since then I ve had a passion for things that are not so much flawed but constructed out of flaws Flaws are only bad in something that aspires to perfection The Millennium Falcon is a hunk of junk but c mon that s the pointWilliam T Vollmann s first novel is Immature Pretentious Gratuitous Self indulgent Ridiculous Poorly paced Out of controlit happens to also be Wildly entertaining Heart breaking Hilarious GeniusPut simply You Bright and Risen Angels is about growing up in small town America It s a coming of age novel It s probably the only coming of age novel to feature an insect war but it s also written by William Vollmann so nothing is certain here Vollmann s genius is to anchor the battle between insects and electricity in events at summer camps schools colleges first jobs break ups and make ups bullying hitchhiking and all the other staples of growing up in the suburbs of America Vollmann manages to explore the lives of kids in high school through the lens of spies troop movements and battles It s a hilarious take on the heroic task of becoming or failing to become an adult in the weird world of AmericaBut that s only one layer of the twisted puzzle of You Bright and Risen Angels The book has two narrators I the author and I Big George Both battle for the fate of the characters Warring narrators were reprised by Vollmann in his later masterpiece Europe Central Set next to the artful maturity of Europe Central this book seems even raw and abrasive constantly over the top an explosion of prose and possibility as layers begin to pile upAre the bugs and electricity just metaphorical representations of a computer game Is the narrator imagining the whole story to deal with the loss of his girlfriend Is Big George his boss Is Bug an actual Bug or just slowly turning into one What exactly do the Blue Globes want And so You Bright and Risen Angels roars and rages and like a wild guitar solo ridiculous dissonant absurd and sometimes going so far over the top it doubles back over itself The book is packed with ideas and conflicting philosophies The villains Dr Dodger and Mr White are cartoonish stereotypes of ruthless industrialists horrific bumbling irredeemably bad The revolutionaries who oppose them initially seem like clear cut good guys but when Bug and his gang starts murdering kids for fun we can t trust that they are entirely admirable either The confrontation between leftist extremists and right wing extremists has no winner and the moral euivalence between Nazism and Stalinism was again revisited by Vollmann in Europe Central It s a dimension of subtlety in what might seem like a violent video game of a bookVollmann throws in plenty of references to Hitler uotations by Marx and Hegel and Rand there s allusions to economics and politics yet this is in no way a philosophical book or a serious work of political ideas The intellectual layer exists to be parodied and mocked not explored through subtle nuances This is a book about doing drugs and getting into gunfights and fighting insects and scheming against your tyrannical boss the pure wish fulfillment fantasy jars against the philosophical references and its this tension that Vollmann exploits for so much energy You can never tell what the next chapter might bring a weird descent into hallucinatory political philosophy or a prison break out Both are presented with the same verveI read You Bright and Risen Angels in a little than two weeks It s a long book and if one attempted to read it slowly I think the sarcastic tone unrelenting violence and general abrasiveness would grow dull Consumed in a uick burst however this explosion of ten page paragraphs and ridiculous movements will be a whole lot of fun it sure was for meYou Bright and Risen Angels is a flawed book but in a way that s the point It s a personal fantasy a daydream and as such none of the flaws really hurt my enjoyment It s a salvaged wreck of a vehicle patched and mended and covered in dirt but it sure made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs

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In the jungles of South America on the ice fields of Alaska the plains of the Midwest and the streets of San Francisco a fearsome battle rages The insects are vying for world domination; the inventors of electricity stand in evil opposition Bug a young man reb. Standing in line at one of Yellowstone National Park s General Stores always presented in plurality the beefy pink man wearing a JETER t shirt YANKEES jersey 2 preceding me in the ueue was attempting purchase of a Smucker s Uncrustables sandwich product he hurriedly and inelouently made the attempt his face seemed molten as if the sun had beaten and melted him all day and the steam off the geysers had collected about his brow and cheeks and now shimmered like semen or surplus OFF despite which numerous mosuito bites shone on his neck like tiny thermal anomalies The pale young girl at the register might have been attractive but for her paper uniform which seemed to be cutting into her scalp and sueezing her forehead into her thick black eyebrows she bore a look of impatience and the beginnings of sweat and possibly menstrual discomfort The Smucker s Uncrustables was reuested by the SPIRIT OF JETER it always strikes me as odd that adult heterosexual men wear sports jerseys emblazoned 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is it is a pre made peanut butter and jelly sandwich product and its hook is that it comes with the crust ALREADY CUT OFF therefore labor of consumer is reduced to a bare minimum at most straining at a vacuum sealed package with clenched fingers and then the effort of lifting sandwich to mouth and I suppose whatever calories are expended in chewing swallowing and eventual defecation but I ll let Smucker s do the talking Smucker s has discovered a new way to seal homemade goodness into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the crust Uncrustables are the perfect grab and go sandwich for families on the move Simply keep them in the freezer then pack them in your lunch in the morning By lunchtime Uncrustables are thawed and ready to eat You can imagine the convenience especially for the beleaguered and hounded father on vacation herding about his clattering bucktoothed brood and sexless wife from sight to sight waiting for geysers to spew with mockery for when was the last time plump wifey made him gush like that watching the bison migrate avec les infants over a desolate plain with a dim glimmer of doomed recognition perhaps unconsciously wishing for the saving grace of a grizzly bear s jaws that might rip and rent him free from these worldly bonds only wanting for the respite and ease of a crustless ready to devour peanut butter and jelly sandwich like Mom used to make she also used to cut off the crusts Smucker s marketing team would have been mightily proud had they come to know through whatever strange circumlocutions or persistent surveillance that JETER avatar had come to associate Uncrustables with a primeval Mother Figure and perhaps a Coca Cola to slide down his gullet the sun really beats down at these altitudes and a moment just a moment of precious silence as he gawps and chews and waits on an oak bench surrounded by Cowboy Culture for Ol Faithful to orgasm and the inevitable post coital drowsiness of the crowds of tourists wandering off nonplussed and vexed and bit moistened from spray the girls untousle their hair with a blush back into the womb of their tourist buses not sure where their money went Jeter impostor reels on his heels for but a second The ueue babbles like a noisy little mountain brook The cheeseburgers audibly steam Someone in the recesses guffaws I smell ointment Well hell murmurs Derek Jeter s real world counterpart And a few meters beneath my feet I feel the slight thermal dynamic tremor of this populace earth falling into a symbolic latent pre reproductive anticipationAnd so but what I find really interesting about You Bright And Risen Angels is that I think this Vollmann s first novel a big fucking messy ball of electric prose shooting out arcs like a Tesla coil charged with imaginative pulsing WORDS rampaging all over the place from Mars to the Arctic to the jungle to San Francisco to a boy s summer camp within a single blown the fuck out sentence that this is the book that has definitely convinced me of Vollmann s genius that is from a very young age this man was charged with a peerless intellect and imagination it was published when he was 27 In its eclectic schizo ball of twining ideas vaults of imagination fuck all sci fi bizarreness insect amphetamine buzz one can find in utero the seeds of what were to become Vollmann s preoccupations par excellence the phenomena of power structures especially those enacting violence and oppression on weaker subjects the many headed Hydra of societal violence the darkest sides of colonialism and decadent capitalismimperialism the attempt at resurrecting the dignity and value of the cast offs and cast outs and pariahs of humanity hell we could just say Civilization and Its Discontents how economics shapes the world the idea of revolution through literature the intensely impressionistic sentences flowing from a mind both taut to the extreme and hallucinatorily vibrating and discursive The essences of Vollmann are here present fully birthed if a bit raw and unrefined a prophecy of things to come a harbinger of very good news And I haven t even mentioned how FUN and what a piece of ENTERTAINMENT this is Oh my Vollmann s glorious chaotic undeniably funny and darkly intense first foray into the vibrating and humming beehive of LETTERS Huzzah

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    Standing in line at one of Yellowstone National Park’s General Stores™ always presented in plurality the beefy

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    Enigmatic and mysterious wars are known since the ancient times – take for example Batrachomyomachia also known as the Battle of the Frogs and Mice Time flies ages change progress is unstoppable so now we are witnessing the clandestine and merciless battle of Electricity and Bugs“The truth is that Mr White f

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    William T Vollmann's 1987 debut You Bright And Risen Angels is a sprawling disorderly book Strained to breaking point it contracts and collap

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    Left Wing Opportunism An Infantile DisorderMuch commentary there's so little real criticism about this novel attempts to excuse its manifold f

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    When I was about twelve years old I built The Conglomeraship out of LEGO blocks The Conglomeraship was intended to look as

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    A Social Gazette of the Personalities Interviewed for this Book You Bright and Risen Angels a cartoon Author's Note

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    At the tail end of William T Vollmann’s sprawling epic about revolutions both metaphorical and historical the reader is informed in a footnote at the bottom of the page – that “This is a bookish novel because I the author know little of life and I Big George will reveal no secrets” In the beginning of the novel this selfsame “author” clearly Vollmann himself; utilizing a characteristic self insertion that would become a trademar

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    Vollmann is it must be said ahead of all other things a resolutely odd dude Odd in his personality; the man has cultivated enough myths around h

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    A Portrait of the Anarchist as a Young ManNote The first thing I do before starting a new book is look up to see if it has b

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    This big thing was on my shelf for so long I often mistook it for an ugly minimalist sculpture How many baleful glares were traded between myself and itself before I gave it the statutory 100 pages And before I did that I noticed that even the publisher's blurb on the cover apologised for it They knew it was bad Anyway I

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